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The Law Offices of Michael F. White understands that child support can have a dramatic impact on the well-being of your child as well as your personal finances in Bell County. Whether you are seeking child support payments from your former spouse, or you are defending against paying too much, our child support lawyer in Temple, Texas can help you protect your rights.

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Child Support in Texas

Under Texas law, both fathers and mothers are required to support their child, regardless of whether they are married, separated, or divorced. Generally, the court will order a parent that does not have primary conservatorship of the child to make child support payments to the other parent.

There are several factors that a court may consider when determining child support payments, including:

  • The age of the child
  • The financial needs of the child
  • The available resources that may be used to support the child
  • The ability of both of the parents to financially support the child
  • The cost of childcare expenses incurred by either parent
  • The amount of time each parent spends with his or her child
  • The amount of alimony paid or received
  • Whether either parent is the primary conservator of another child

The court is responsible to determine how much child support a parent must pay in Bell County, Texas. Ultimately, the amount must be seen to be in the child’s best interest. There are some established guidelines the court usually follows that help to ensure the best interest of the child is being met. The guidelines range from 20% of a parent’s net resources for one child, to 40% of those resources for five or more children.

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Make sure that you have the legal support you need during your divorce. Our Temple, Texas child support lawyer can guide you through the legal steps that can lead to making or receiving a fair payment. We will work to achieve a solution that can set you up for your best future.

Our firm is dedicated to solving difficult problems in the area of family law. Reach out to our Bell County child support attorney at (254) 206-3500.

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