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Just like adults, minors can find themselves in some tough situations that get them into trouble. Juvenile crimes can have damaging effects on a child's reputation and self-esteem. Whether they have actually committed a crime or have been falsely accused, these charges can follow a child for years to come. This is why you should seek the help of a seasoned Bell County, Texas, juvenile crimes attorney.

Our criminal defense lawyers understand the long-term consequences that can come from a mistake. We believe that these mistakes should not follow a minor for the rest of their developing years. We work closely with our clients in Killeen, Temple, and the surrounding areas to effectively build the strongest defense for your case. Our juvenile criminal defense attorney in Bell County is ready to fight for you!

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Understanding The Texas Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system differs from the adult justice system in that it focuses on rehabilitation, rather than punishment. In fact, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department’s (TJJD) mission is to “transform young lives and create safe communities.” The emphasis on rehabilitation in juvenile procedures causes some legal terms and concepts to differ from those used in the adult criminal justice setting.

There are several key legal terms and concepts used in the adult system that have a parallel word or phrase in the juvenile justice system, including:

  • Criminal conduct = delinquent conduct
  • Arraignment = detention hearing
  • Pre-trial local jail = pre-adjudication facility
  • Trial = adjudication hearing
  • Guilt/innocence = true/not true
  • Sentence = disposition

Understanding legal terms and concepts like these can be useful when progressing through the juvenile criminal proceedings. An experienced attorney can help you understand additional helpful information regarding juvenile hearings and guide you through the entire process.

Minimize the Impact of Juvenile Charges

Although the emphasis of the TJJD is on rehabilitation, convictions of juvenile crimes could impact your child for the rest of his or her life. Contrary to popular belief, criminal records are not automatically wiped clean once the youth reaches a certain age. Because these convictions can have lifelong adverse effects, it is important to contact our Temple, Texas, juvenile crimes lawyer as soon as possible to discuss how you should progress.

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At the Law Offices of Michael F. White, we understand that juvenile crime charges can create complex and confusing times for minors and their parents. If your son or daughter has been accused of a crime in Temple, Killeen, or the surrounding areas, you can turn to our Bell County defense lawyer who will do everything possible to protect your child’s rights and future.

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